Supporting Treatments

Supporting treatments for Dental Implants

Ridge (Graft) Augmentation: 
Defects in the jaw bone caused from the loss of teeth, trauma or infection may heed repair prior to implant placement. To overcome this problem it is possible to place a bone graft or synthetic bone to build up the jaw and regenerate some of the lost bone.

This can be undertaken as a separate procedure or, in some cases, in conjunction with the dental implant placement depending on your circumstances. Ridge augmentation techniques help to enhance appearance and such surgical techniques are intricate and technique-sensitive and as such require specialist care by the likes of Dr Kevan Wong. 

Sinus lift: 
In many cases loss of the upper molar teeth can be compromised by poor bone quality and quantity. The key to successful implant treatment is adequate bone quantity and quality. The back part of the upper jaw is also an area into which a portion of the sinus cavity can be found.

This creates difficulties for implant placement unless sinus lift is undertaken. Sinus (grafting) augmentation is a specialised surgical technique in which the sinus floor is gently raised to develop bone and allow for more ideal dental implant placement