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Dental implant technology has advanced significantly in recent years. Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or partial dentures. They can even be used to replace full dentures or failed root canals, and over retained baby teeth. A dental implant is fabricated from surgical grade titanium that is accurately placed into the jaw bone. Once firmly in place, a porcelain dental crown, bridge, or fixed denture can be screwed or glued on.Dental Implant Example

Dental implants look and feel very similar to natural teeth and great care is taken to ensure they resemble your own teeth and features. They can provide you with the freedom to smile broadly without that unsightly gap and confidence to eat your favourite food without your denture slipping. Placing an implant can also stop your jawbone from shrinking following tooth extraction. The shrinking of your jaw bone can make you appear prematurely older because the missing tooth’s roots are also missing.

You can treat your dental implant as if it were a real tooth. It will feel natural, be easy to clean, and will remain stable when you are eating and talking.