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Dr Michael Dawson


"Understanding and respect are the first things I give my patients. It's important to me to forge a relationship so patients will trust what I'm saying and follow my advice. The best dentistry is no dentistry"

After graduating from Otago University in 1973, Michael poured his energy into building a loyal patient base with a winning combination of expert advice and treatment.

His vast experience, gathered  in London and New Zealand, contributes to his belief that the combination of a motivated patient and a good clinician guarantees the achievement of life-long dental health. He has seen this proven time and again over the last 30 years.

Michael is a registered surgical and restorative provider for ACC dental implants and is dedicated to providing the best possible outcome every time.

“The advantage of working at Proudmouth is that your standards stay high. Your work is constantly being viewed by your colleagues and you can consult another dentist about a case whenever you want a second opinion.

“I believe the biggest problem with dental health is probably the same problem that's causing diabetes, obesity and heart disease. It's called diet. We've moved away from being hunter gatherers, which means eating whole food groups and only eating sparingly. Now we're shopping at a supermarket and eating for pleasure, rather than necessity.”

Michael began his implant journey when dental implants first became available in 1987.  Dr Peter Clarke (oral surgeon) and a group of interested dental surgeons completed a week long course at Sydney University as an introduction to this new solution to replacing dentures with fixed teeth. Working in close association with Dr Peter Clarke completing the surgical aspects and Michael designing and fitting the replacement teeth, solutions were found for many patients who had lost their teeth and who were struggling with their dentures.

In 1995 the first general dentists were taken into training programmes as implant solutions moved from “all teeth missing” to replacement of just a few teeth.  Michael was trained by Nobel Biocare in the surgical aspects of implant placement in 1995 in Perth Australia.

Since 1995 the use of dental implants to replace failing or missing teeth has become clinical best practice, with ACC recognising  implants as  providing the best long term solution for the general public. Michael has been a registered surgical and restorative provider for ACC from the beginning of this service.

"From 1987 to now, our understanding of this process has refined and improved.  I’m proud to say all those early implants which met surgical criteria are all still functioning well," says Michael.

Modern day implant surgery has become an everyday clinical practice and a wonderful bonus for patients who need this service. In the appropriate circumstances, it is now the best and longest lasting treatment solution we can provide. 

Like all surgical provisions, dental implants are not appropriate for all cases but when correctly assessed will provide long term solutions. 

The advent of 3-d radiography has meant case selection can be accurately made before treatment, thus making solutions predictable and choices easy for each patient.

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