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Lumino The Dentists has over 100 practices across New Zealand. Within that vast network of 250 clinicians, there are a limited number of our general dentists that are  highly skilled  in the placement and/or restoring of dental implants. 

To recognise  the skills of these dentists, Lumino has created small ‘hubs’ where our implant dentists practice together and  have access to the essential scanning equipment such as 3D cone beam x-ray machines. These highly specialised costly pieces of equipment help ensure that dental implants are placed in exactly the right position in the bone. The combination of Lumino’s highly skilled implant dentists in conjunction with this optimal equipment ensures the highest degree of safety for our implant patient. It also  ensures the maximum success rate for our patients.

Currently, we have Lumino Implant Centres in Remuera, Auckland CBD, Orewa and Whangarei and they are lead by some of Lumino’s most experienced dentists, in the area of Implantology.

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